WOW I’m thrilled to welcome you to my site! I’m tossing you a virtual duvet to snuggle up with while we work together to discover the true authentic YOU.

Life is a journey and for women over 40, that journey sometimes seems to come to a screeching halt. Yes, that is a perception, but if you’re living it, it’s your reality. I’m here not only to offer you a fresh perspective, but to give you the tools and inspiration needed to navigate the various seasons in your life. We’ll have you ignited in no time!

Check out my fully-loaded resource section which truly saved me during my own transition. Don’t forget to click into the TOOLBOX to find information on my workshops and how to spend some one-on-one quality time with me and FREE RESOURCES for some fun, free tools.

I can’t wait to give you a big hug!


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 Meet Fi 





Fi Ivin is an author, speaker, trainer, coach and stylist. She unintentionally fell into teaching as a safe way of pursuing her love of drama. Compromising on something so important was the beginning of a “wobble”.
After having her front door kicked in by the brother of a pupil (he was arrested in her hallway the following evening!) it was time to consider other options…read more

With a background in education and training, and a masters in counselling psychology, Fi has spent the last 17 years as a coach & stylist working with hundreds of women, from senior directors of international companies to mums feeling redundant as their children grow into increasing independence.

During this time Fi has amassed a toolbox of resources that bring lasting change and assembled them into a three step process of very practical steps for women who are experiencing their own crisis of identity because of change to their personal lives or careers.

 Free Resources 

Shoppping Can be confusing. Make YOURS easier with this FREE tool which will help you understand your personal style.

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Join us on a day that is designed to help you see yourself and your world in a new way.
Discover who you really are
Find ways of dealing with everyday life
Uncover what makes you special.

Date: 19th January 2013

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Authentic YOU Event

Later in the year a 3 day workshop .

Venue: TBC (South BUCKS)